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We welcome new members who share EPI’s mission to change the way Europe pays. EPI offers a collaborative payment solution, enabling banks to leverage collective innovation and expertise, to strengthen ties and compete effectively on a global level. All banks and acquirers with a European PSP license are eligible.

Why banks should partner with us

EPI’s members currently represent more than 70% of retail banking customers in our launch markets of Belgium, France, and Germany. EPI members play a key role in ensuring that EPI’s digital wallet solution will be available across Europe. 

In a landscape where US companies (ICSs and big tech) dominate the space and take over the relationship with your client, we are committed to building an innovative payment solution that prioritises trust, efficiency, and adaptability to cater to the varied needs of individuals and businesses.

    Maximise your edge

  • Respond to digital disruption
  • Harness collective strength
  • Maintain direct customer relationship

Why acquirers work with us

We are launching wero in an unprecedented effort to streamline EU payments. Being at the forefront of this change is critical for your merchants success, and yours.

The European payments industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with wero at the forefront. As a four party scheme, this moment is a unique opportunity for acquirers to lead the change. Embrace innovation and empower your merchants to gain a competitive edge and thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

    Unlock your benefits

  • Enhance merchant loyalty
  • Stay ahead of inquiries
  • Streamline your operations

Introducing wero

At the core of EPI’s offering is wero, our digital wallet solution. Designed with the user in mind, this intuitive app streamlines payments across various bank accounts, offering unparalleled transparency and control. As wero evolves, it’s poised to support additional payment methods from third parties, enriching the payment experience. Beyond mere transactions, wero’s vision encompasses a suite of value-added services, potentially including innovative buy-now-pay-later options backed by banks, digital identity verification (e-ID), and integration of merchant loyalty programs, all seamlessly woven into the payment process.

Help change the way Europe pays

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