Europe’s new digital way to pay.

Wero is your new, truly digital European payment solution, designed to reduce complexity for merchants selling across the continent. 

Wero is owned by 14 of Europe’s most trusted banks and the two largest European acquirers. Built on successful national solutions like Paylib and iDeal, it offers a simple, seamless and secure way to move money between people and across borders. And now we’re ready to bring wero payments live. 

Wero is offered through regular banking apps and the standalone wero app, so our digital wallet is already in the pockets of more than 75% of customers in Belgium, France and Germany. And now they are ready to pay with wero.

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Digital by design​

Unlike legacy card solutions, wero is fully digital. One integration offers complete, fully-scalable access to every country and every bank – with more banks, more services and more countries coming soon. 

With wero, money goes straight from the customer’s account to yours. No delays, no middlemen and no hidden charges: it’s the payment solution for the digital age. 

Super fast payments

Wero matches the way people shop today. Simple, seamless and secure payments, with money transferred from account to account in seconds. 

Totally scalable​

Just one integration offers you all our services, all our banks and all our countries. So you can get on with what you know best: building up your business. 

Truly connected commerce​

From the smallest online seller to multinational, omnichannel retailing, wero offers you the chance to add value to your customer journeys. 

This is just the beginning

Wero is adding more countries and more banks all the time as we change the way Europe pays. More services – from PoS and subscriptions to buy now, pay later and more – are in the pipeline.  

But however big we grow, you’ll only ever need one integration to offer all our services to customers in every country. Which brings more business to you.

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Join us

With 75% of customers in Belgium, France and Germany already enrolled, wero is the easy way to increase customer satisfaction, enrich your customer journeys and drive increased revenue. 

To find out how, let’s talk. 

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