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Our mission

The European Payments Initiative (EPI) is an initiative backed by 16 European banks and financial services companies to progressively build wero, a payment solution tailored for Europe. EPI leverages the instant account-to-account payments infrastructure available in Europe to improve efficiency and remove intermediaries in the payment flow. It aims at enabling next-generation payments for consumers and merchants in Europe across all types of retail transactions. EPI will initially support person-to-person (P2P) and person-to-professional (P2Pro) payments, followed by online and mobile shopping payments and then point-of-sale payments. 

Group Management

Martina Weimert

Chief Executive Officer

Carmen Carnero

Chief Scheme Management

Ralf Mueller

Chief Product and Technology Officer 

Gerry Pelgrims

Chief Market Roll-Out Officer

Stijn Van Brussel

Chief Operating Officer of EPI

Chief Executive Officer of Payconiq International

Jacqueline Boucher

Legal Council

Daniel Van Delft

Chief Executive Officer of EPI Ops 

Chief Executive Officer of Currence iDEAL


Benno Deysel

Chief Financial Officer

Associations and affiliations memberships

Licence date 20 February 2024.  Licence with National Bank Belgium:  PISP and AISP for services (7 payment initiation services and 8 account information services).                                Licence Number 0755.811.726